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A Domestic Violence Conviction Can Change Your LIfe

Too frequently, the accused pleads guilty in an attempt to make a bad situation come to a quick end without realizing future consequences.

Domestic Violence, whether it is physical or psychological, can not only destroy a relationship but can change your life forever. Too frequently, the accused pleads guilty in an attempt to make a bad situation come to a quick end. Unfortunately, guilty pleas are often entered without realizing future consequences.

Regarding Domestic Violence, Colorado lawmakers made a finding that Domestic Violence is frequently cyclical in nature, involves a pattern of abuse and can consist of harm with escalating levels of seriousness. The government declared that evidence of similar transactions can be helpful and is necessary in some situations in prosecuting crimes involving Domestic Violence. In other words, a Domestic Violence conviction will follow the accused forever. Federal law prevents a person convicted from being in possession of a firearm or ammunition. A hunting license may no longer be available. Occupations involving public trust such as teaching, nursing, social services and public office may be prohibited. This would also include the police or fire department. Being required to admit to a Domestic Violence conviction on a job application usually results in a loss employment opportunity.

A conviction would likely result in the loss of professional licenses or certificates or bonds that are required in the areas of medical, legal, securities, commercial driver and airline pilots.

A Domestic Violence conviction would strongly be considered in a custody dispute. The opportunity to rent or lease a residence may be denied with a Domestic Violence conviction.

A conviction may make it impossible to obtain a loan or buy a house and student loans may not be granted.

These are consequences that must be considered before entering a plea of guilty to an accusation of Domestic Violence. There are three ways to avoid such threats: dismissal of the charge, verdict of not guilty and a clean Deferred Judgment. A consultation with Larry Combs will give you the understanding and guidance you need to minimize these consequences. Call Larry D. Combs (970-871-7400) before you accept any consequences.

Domestic Violence Treatment Program

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