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Domestic Violence Treatment Program

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program is challenging, bundensome and expensive

Upon conviction of an act of Domestic Violence, the Judge shall order the Defendant to complete a treatment program and a treatment evaluation that conforms with the standards adopted by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board. The Judge may order a treatment evaluation to be conducted prior to Sentencing if a treatment evaluation would assist the Judge in determining an appropriate sentence. The person ordered to undergo such evaluation shall be required to pay the cost of the treatment evaluation. If such treatment evaluation recommends treatment, and the Judge so finds, the person shall be ordered to complete a treatment program.

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program presents a challenging, bundensome and expensive experience. The program typically requires a 9-month commitment and attendance. Several mandatory steps are involved: initial treatment plan, individualized treatment plan, identifying treatment goals, a personal change plan and an after-care plan.

The Domestic Violence Treatment Program considers 18 core subjects that are discussed and must be implemented during the treatment program. There are an additional five topics that may be required if appropriate.

Domestic Violence treatment requires a personal change plan, accepting full responsibility for the offense and abusive history, accountability, developing appropriate communication skills, understanding and using "time outs," financial responsibility and compliance with any psychiatric and medical recommendations for medication.

Before this sentencing burden is accepted, the accused must consult with an experienced Domestic Violence defense attorney. Call Larry D. Combs (970-871-7400) before you accept the consequences.

Domestic Violence Treatment Program

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