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Colorado Express Consent Hearing

The Colorado DMV will seek to revoke your driving privilege

You enter two contests when you are arrested for DUI: one in the courtroom and the other with the Department of Motor Vehicles. With a blood alcohol level of .080 or a refusal to submit to a chemical test, the DMV will seek to revoke your driving privilege. To start the contest, you must request a hearing within (7) calendar days of the test results or refusal. A telephone hearing will take place between 40 and 60 days after your request.

The DMV should issue you a full-privilege Temporary Driverís Permit which will be valid until the day of your hearing if you surrendered a valid driver's license when you were arrested.

At the hearing, the DMV officer will decide:

  1. Were you driving or in physical control of a vehicle?
  2. Did the arresting officer have reasonable suspicion to stop or contact you?
  3. Did the arresting officer have probable cause to request you to submit to a blood or breath test?
  4. Was a valid blood or breath test accomplished within (2) hours of your actual physical control of the vehicle, or was there a refusal to take a blood or breath test?

If a blood alcohol level of .080 or more is established, a 9-month revocation will be ordered. After 30 days, you may reinstate early with an 8-month interlock restricted license. A second and third DMV revocation results in a one-year and two-year loss with no opportunity for the interlock device.

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