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New Colorado DUI Laws Effective January 1, 2014

Good news and bad news in the changes

There is good news and bad news with the new DUI laws. Starting with the good news, there is relief from the Refusal Revocation resulting from not taking a chemical test of the breath or blood. Previously, a refusal meant no driving privilege of any kind for one year. The new law provides that after waiting 60 days, a driver can apply for reinstatement with a restricted license upon the installation of the electronic ignition device. The bad news is that the electronic ignition device must be used for two years. The good news for Refusal Revocations prior to 2014 is that, after six months, a restricted license with the installation of the electronic ignition device is available and it must be used for one year.

The other good news is that any Refusal Revocation now runs concurrently with any loss of license from a conviction in the courtroom. Before, the Refusal Revocation had to be served before any other loss of license took effect. The bad news is that it appears that the Refusal Revocation does not run concurrently with a point-suspension because a point-suspension comes from multiple incidents.

On a first conviction for DUI, the good news is that there is a nine-month revocation and the bad news is, the restricted license is required after one month and must remain in effect for eight months. The good news is that after four consecutive months of clean blows, the ignition device can be removed.

On a second DUI conviction, there is still a one-year revocation. However, the good news is that after one month, a restricted license is available and must be used for two years.

Please contact me if you need assistance in reinstating your driving privileges. The rules of the Department of Motor Vehicles are complicated and confusing but I believe that I can provide assistance in determining when reinstatement is available.

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