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Sealing Your Criminal Record

Seal you criminal record from public view

Any person may petition the District Court to seal their criminal record from public view at all state agencies that maintain records of arrests, prosecution and dispositions. However, this procedure has several requirements and restrictions. First, records can only be sealed when ALL charges in a case are dismissed or you are acquitted. Prosecutors will often require a separate conviction under a Deferred Judgment agreement to prevent the sealing of the record. Secondly, if a case was dismissed due to a plea agreement in another case and (10) years have passed from the final disposition and no additional charges have been filed, a sealing of the court record is available.

There are several restrictions that prevent the sealing of court records in traffic offenses, where financial obligations have not been paid and in sex offense cases.

Any failure to comply with the procedure of sealing a record can result in a dismissal of the petition. Specific information must be presented, a reason for sealing the records must be explained and notice must be given to all the appropriate agencies and departments.

If a record search is done by a prospective employer, landlord, lender or school and your criminal record is discovered, it is too late to avoid the damage. If you are eligible to have your record sealed, do it now. Call me (970-871-7400) and your privacy can be protected.

Seal your criminal records in Steamboat Springs, Craig, Routt and Moffat Counties

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